Our Departments


Police Department
The police department is located at the Town Hall.

Please Dial 911 For Any Emergency

Contact information for the Police Department:

892 Main Street

Sugar Notch, PA  18706

Phone:(570) 822-9283     

Fax:    (570) 822-6293


Council President:

Joe Rutkoski handles the day to day operation of Sugar Notch.  

Public Safety and Zoning:

All aspects of the Sugar Notch public safety department and Zoning matters are handled by Council Member David Balakier.

Parks and Recreation:

Council member Jm Mullen heads our Parks and Recreation and is responsible for our Broadhead Avenue playground as well as our nature trail system.

Building and Grounds:

Council member Dominick Panetta heads this department.

Sewer Department:

Vice President Henry Mleczynski has been appointed to the sewer department.

Fire Department:

President Joe Rutkoski is the liason for this department.

Road Department:

Council member Randy Gyle has been appointed head of the Street department.

Right to Know Officier, Gloria Kijek can be contacted at 892 Main St. Sugar Notch, PA 18706

570-822-9282 fax 570-822-6293 email snboro@ptd.net

Office of Open Record for appeals and RTK regulations and policies address is Commonwealth Keystone Building 400 North St. 4th floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225.

Sugar Notch Borough Tax Collector:

Marsha Panetta

379 Hill Street

Sugar Notch, PA  18706


Building Inspector: 570-993-4098

Larry Frace Inspections

Code Enforcement/Zoning: 570-993-4098

Larry Frace


Zoning Board Members

Glen Pascoe, Chris Balas, Trevor Ahouse, alternate Brian Martin 


Planning Board members
Dave Balakier 570-824-6063 , Bob Kinney, Bob Williams, alternate Michael Boyle 







Sugar Notch Borough Council Meetings


Council Meetings are the 1st Wednesday of the Month.


Council Work Sessions are the 3rd Wednesday of every other month or as advertised by Council.


All meetings are held at the town hall at 6:30 PM.



We are looking for pictures to display on our website.  If you have any that you feel may be of interest, please submit electronically.  We especially need one for the main picture of our website.


A new page has been added titled Council Meeting Minutes which will have copies of our Work Sessions and regular Council Meetings available as a PDF.  The minutes will be updated shortly.